Our Innovation

The world of dentistry has evolved dramatically over the last decade, with new techniques and technologies that have replaced past methods. Natura Dentica constantly observes, audition, and reviews the latest dental technologies. They select and invest in only the highest-quality devices that improve your visits and ensure you receive the most natural and safe smile available in cosmetic dentistry.


The Dental Augmented Reality

We are introducing IvoSmile, that use augmented reality to visualize our esthetic treatments so it can help you better to decide what kind of treatment that you want to do. With this, we will be able to show you the possibilities for enhancing your smiles effectively and quickly.
You can see what you would look like with the prospective esthetic restoration in place, including the Bleaching where you can choose what is your ideal degree of whiteness.

Advanced Laser

To whiten teeth in about an hour, we use the Argon laser™, along with a high level professional bleaching solution, specially designed for use with the laser. To lift and contour gum lines, we employ the Diode laser™, which minimizes discomfort and eliminates bleeding. The results are beautiful and dramatic. To shape teeth and veneers, they use the Yberrium Yag™ laser for optimal precision and brilliant aesthetic effects.

Air Abrasion Machine

Most patients will say that the drill is the most dreaded part of any dental visit. Natura Dentica takes the drill out of dentistry with the Air Abrasion Machine, which makes the experience of having a cavity filled quiet and comfortable. ™

Digital X-Rays

When the technology to reduce exposure to radiation through X-rays came along, Natura Dentica seized on the opportunity. We were one of the first dental practices in the country to purchase a digital X-ray machine that reduces exposure to radiation by 90 percent. It allows the results to be viewed immediately on-screen so you can see precisely how your treatment will proceed.

Intra Oral Camera

One of the tiniest cameras ever seen is the Intra Oral Camera™, which packs some powerful information. Natura Dentica use this special camera to see inside your mouth and transmit images to a screen, allowing patients to view areas that need treatment, and empowering them to make educated decisions about their health.

Better Yet Affordable Dental Care is Our Mission

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