What is Beauty?

It is hard to define beauty objectively since everyone has their own perspective based on life experience, predispositions, and biochemistry. Generally, beauty is immeasurable, but harmony is measurable and it is the most important components of physical beauty.
Many Renaissance artists, including and most famously, Leonardo Da Vinci, used the golden ratio to create some of the most beloved works of art in the world. The golden ratio can also be found in the facial structure of most of the people consider to be beautiful. Why do we find symmetrical faces more beautiful? Much research has gone in to this question, with evidence that even infants prefer symmetrical faces. According to Professor Gordon Patzer’s “The Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon,” there are five predominant features factor into physical attractiveness: Teeth, smile, lips, eyes and nose.
We believe facial aesthetic design is about the harmony of all the elements of the face and how they work together to achieve the beautiful and natural smile. While traditional method of smile design focuses on creating perfectly symmetrical teeth, which in an asymmetrical frame like the face actually creates a disharmony. Natura Dentica use the modern method of smile design because beauty comes in balance and harmony.
Beauty may be subjective, but the harmony of every elements of the face is not, and that is what Natura Dentica can create by using advanced facial mapping techniques and a comprehensive understanding of how human identify beauty.

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